Mum’s horror as son, 4, smothers himself in her fake tan while she is out at work

A mum was horrified to discover her schoolboy son had smothered himself in her fake tan while she was out at work – leaving him looking like a muddy ‘swamp monster’

Cheeky Kris Way had swiped his mum’s bottle of St Moriz medium tan from the side of the bath and doused himself in it while oblivious dad Kris Way, 23, sat in the living room.

Not content with just tanning his face, the four-year-old also smeared it all over his hands and through his bright blonde locks.

Tiffany Anderson, who is also mum to Amieleigh Anderson, seven, and five-year-old Lyle Anderson was stunned when she returned home from her call centre job to discover the tangoed tot

Unimpressed Tiffany, 25, scrubbed Kris from top to toe but didn’t manage to shift the dark glow that lingered for a few days – but admitted to seeing the funny side afterwards.

Tiffany, from, Kirkcaldy, Fife, said: “He was covered head to toe in fake tan. When I got home I couldn’t help but laugh, but I was like ‘oh my goodness, what is going on here?’

“He had very, very dark skin and looked like a swamp monster, he looked like he’d been diving in it the colour of him.

“Kris was in the living room and he obviously thought ‘this is far too quiet’ and he went through to the bathroom and saw him covered in fake tan.

“The first thing he did was take his phone out and take a picture of him.

“He was like ‘oh my god are you trying to be like your mum?’.

“Kris just stuck him in the bath and hoped for the best but it didn’t touch the sides.

“I scrubbed him from top to bottom but it didn’t make any difference.”

Kris got his mitts on the fake tan from the side of the bath at lunchtime and then coated himself thoroughly in it.

Tiffany said: “He loves colouring himself in with stuff.

“The minute I give the children paint they don’t even paint paper they just paint themselves with it, we just leave them to it.

“I’ve had people comment on Facebook [about it] but at least the kids are happy, that’s the main thing.

“You can see in the photo he looks quite happy with himself, I think he was just up to mischief.

“After the shock of seeing him so brown I eventually found the funny side.

“I’ve learned to hide the fake tan from the children, I now hide it in a cupboard in my bedroom in the highest spot I can find.”

St Moriz have been contacted for comment.